domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Lobos y San Valentin...

Todas las Criaturas,
grandes o pequeñas, caen bajo su influjo.
¡Feliz san Valentin!

2 comentarios:

Mathyld / encore petite dijo...

Ha !
Aceness ! Happy (velated) Valentine, too !

Also, I'm super intrigued : I want to see more of your youth (twin lives, really ?!)

I am so sad because my Spanish sucks and I can't read your blog :'(
Frustrating !

x x x

PS : Heyyyy ! I'll try to translate it with babelfish ! I could have thought of this before ...........

Samedimanche dijo...

hahaha...Mathyld, if you have some particular curiosity i'll try to translated you! ( Well, my english sucks, as my français... and, sometimes, my spanish!!) And, in some days, you'll see our "resemblances". Promised!